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Healing Arts Heal Hearts, Lime Green on Olive Lace, HAGG 6 large fabric by maryyx on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

by maryyx

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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Mary Wykes

Color combos in my designs range from soft and subtle to bold and vivacious. In addition to creative, original artwork there are coordinates such as plaids, stripes, polka dots, solids and more. Ask if you need something customized!

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This lace has been created using images from a hospital setting as repetitive icons. The idea came while in the recovery room after recent surgery

• This vivid, lime on green colorway is in "Healing Arts Heal Hearts, Set 3 of 4": • I enjoy working in a tangled design style, where I start from scratch not knowing where I will end up. I divide my paper up into sections, and begin laying in different design elements. In this case, I chose symbols that I saw during my recent surgery . . . most of which were medical in nature, but one of which was a very high-heeled shoe that someone in the recovery room was wearing. I turn my paper around as I am working, as there is no up or down. Then at the very end, I turn it, and look at it from all directions, deciding on which I like best. • This design would make a nice gift wrap for a friend who as in the medical profession at any time of year. It would also make a nice pair of scrubs! • Within this collection, you will find many different variations of a tangled design created with repetitions of symbols taken from the medical environment. There are a total of four sets of designs in this collection. Each contains 2 colors. Within each color there are a total of 8 layouts, 7 of which are available in both a large and a small format. If you still need it resized, just ask. I will be glad to accommodate you. • If you sew this up, or wrap a gift with it, I would love to have a picture of the finished result. You could email it to me at: - or, if you have the photo online somewhere, you can use the URL to attach it as a project below . • Happy sewing! Thanks for stopping by! • Copyright Mary K Wykes 10-25-16

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