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Butterflies, Raspberries and Karli Star on Pastel Pink fabric by nancy_lee_moran_designs on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Nancy Lee Moran

The best way to see my fabrics is to choose "Fabric Collections" below here. The designs arise from my paintings. You are welcome to sell items made with my fabrics.

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Quilting panel and pillow sized art! Be blessed by her twinkling smile. Raspberries galore! © Nancy Lee Moran

This size would work well for pillows and wall-hangings, also as a quilting panel and focus fabric. The vignette-oval-beige size is 11.5 wide by 15 inches tall. There are four to six vignettes per yard, depending upon the width of the fabric. Each panel is about an 18 x 18 inch square.
A cameo design that looks sweetly vintage.

See my blog post about a hexified-panel quilt with eleven pictures and clear directions!
Blog Post

On October 28, 2016, I finished full-color art of "Karli Star With Butterflies And Raspberries" in blue and in pink. I put my blue-colored-pencil drawing of Miss Karli onto Photoshop, where I added my pencil drawings of mushrooms, scrolls, butterflies and raspberries. Photoshop helped me color and weave the drawings together.

Collection: Butterflies, Mushrooms and Raspberries

Karli’s drawing also appears on my "Whispering Daydreams" fabric, a collaboration with Rose Bbflockling, who created the original doll.
It comes in three colors: pale yellow, blue, and lavender.
It comes in three sizes: one-inch, two-inch, and four-inch figures.

See "Whispering Daydreams" Collection on Spoonflower.

See "Whispering Daydreams" Yellow Collection on Spoonflower.

Read all about "Whispering Daydreams" on my blog!

Blog Page

Buy a framed print of Karli Star on Fine Art America.

Nancy Lee’s Website


Facebook Art Page

Facebook Spoonflower Page

THE STORY of Karli Star, by Rose the dollmaker
    Her life began late in the Spring with great excitement. Who might this tiny Gnome Child become?
    As Summer turned to Autumn, however, one busy day quickly followed another while Karli waited her turn in the Doll Room.
    She missed the apple cider pressing because her dress was not hemmed. Her walnut basket held all sorts of good things she had wanted to share at the Community Harvest Dinner, but she it missed it, too, for lack of a dress.
    On a chilly autumn afternoon, Rose called her into the Doll Room and gave Karli a newly completed holiday dress. Karli shyly slipped behind the teapot to try it on.
    "Twinkle Twinkle little Karli Star," Rose said, "Now I know exactly who you are! A diamond twinkling bright in smiling skies."

Rose also wrote: "Karli's expression was one I fondly remembered from my childhood. It was the shy sweet face of my younger sister Karla."

Here is a link to the original web page by the doll artist about Karli Star, who is only five inches tall, made of fine polymer clay.

Karli Star doll

Rose Lacefield = bbflockling
"Flockling" refers to Rose's family of natural and adopted children, of which there are quite a few! A country house filled with lively joy!

Some designs are also available in other scales or colors on request.
I hope you will show me the projects you create with my fabrics. It would be joy to see them.

© Nancy Lee Moran
Copyright Notice: This image does not belong to the public domain. It may be licensed by asking permission, All artwork in the Moran portfolio is copyrighted and owned by the artist, Nancy Lee Moran. All rights reserved.

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amy_g says: So beautiful and feminine, Nancy!

Posted 26 days ago.


nancy_lee_moran_designs says: Thank you, C. Wren! Your recent Sproutling for children is adorable.

Posted 7 months ago.


wren_leyland says: Nancy, I like how you handled hexagon stars in the blog quilt! Fun transitions.

wren_leyland uploaded a project image link for nancy_lee_moran_designs's design Butterflies, Raspberries and Karli Star on Pastel Pink :


Posted 7 months ago.


nancy_lee_moran_designs says: With new cheater-quilt templates on Spoonflower, you can complete a quilt quickly. How do you like my sample-quilt design, made with my collection of "Butterflies, Mushrooms and Raspberries"? Create a quilt design of your own or use my idea!

nancy_lee_moran_designs uploaded a fabric image for nancy_lee_moran_designs's design Butterflies, Raspberries and Karli Star on Pastel Pink :


Posted over 1 year ago.


nancy_lee_moran_designs says: For Anniedeb . . . Thank you! I'm glad you like this design.

Posted over 2 years ago.


anniedeb says: Beautiful, Nancy!

Posted over 2 years ago.