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Chartres-ND de la BV fabric by leventetladiscorde on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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11.98in x 10.27in, 263 pixels/inch,
x repeats across a roll
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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Helene Michau

Helene Michau aka Cassiopee is over. Let the place to "Le Vent et la Discorde" ;-) Hope to see you soon on Instagram @leventetladiscorde

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su_g says: No worries Hélène! It's a problem within SF that the new website system doesn't seem to communicate properly to the old US system - I really hope it will improve or be fixed soon. So pleased to read - in your response to Amy_G - that our adventure is continuing and I really hope we get to see a dress in this design - I think that could be a fantasticly unique fashion and I hope it takes off and everything goes much better & more smoothly for you this year! :-) xx

Posted about 1 month ago.


leventetladiscorde says: Thank you too Su!! I didn't see your comment. Sorry!

Posted about 1 month ago.


leventetladiscorde says: Thank you so much Amy! This design is inspired by the most famous stained glass of Chartres cathedral : "Notre Dame de la Belle Verriere" which gives its origin to the famous "blue of Chartres". I was born in this town and couldn't wait to return to settle down my business. I did it last year. 2018 has been a very very hard year and in a way not finished yet as some troubles remain, but I'm daily grateful to people who helped me in this adventure and grateful too to people as this french woman of Chartres who bought recently this desing for making a dress and told me : the repetition makes me think about "Wax" fabric. I'm even more happier if it is! ;-)

Posted about 1 month ago.


amy_g says: Helene, this is just so fabulous. I love your artwork and the colors are wonderful!

Posted about 1 month ago.


su_g says: Such a striking design Hélène!

Posted 2 months ago.