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Watercolour SILVER  Eucalyptus sideroxylon – Mugga IronBark Pink Form fabric by emily_bieman on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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24.00in x 36.00in, 150 pixels/inch,
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By Emily Bieman

Love designing fabrics, love to put the repeat on a design. All my designs can be resized (message me). Artwork License is available for Commercial use for $75 per design, and that the artwork can be reproduced infinitely and globally.

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My designs can be resized for individual orders or widths. I found there has been some colour variances depending on which fabric used –little/extreme

I am a huge fan of Australian Eucalypts, and I love the sound of that little bird when it 'cooeees' in the forest, what a beautiful echo. So I have those little 'cooeee' birds at my place, they venture on to the verander and sing to the windows! I planted a whole bunch of Eucalyptus trees in my garden a few years ago, they are now starting to take shape / flower, inspiring me to design this fabric. (Save the planet and stop breeding like rabbits) - Unfortunately, I was forced to relocate, and have ‘lost’ my beautiful 8yr old garden, only to have to start again, such is bitch life, but I have already put in 80 or so plants and will do many more next season! and unfortunately no 'cooeee' birds here (a little birdy told me that they are called the Australian Whip Bird, commonly found in forests where they can echo!)

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emily_bieman says:

emily_bieman uploaded a project image link for emily_bieman's design Watercolour SILVER Eucalyptus sideroxylon – Mugga IronBark Pink Form :


Posted about 2 years ago.