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charcoal dots fabric by domesticate on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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12.00in x 12.00in, 225 pixels/inch,
x repeats across a roll
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NOTE: Not recommended for use on even slightly textured walls. For children’s rooms, we recommend buying our Smooth wallpaper.

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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Andrea Whalen

For any QUESTIONS, LICENSING or to share PHOTOS please contact me: FOLLOW on Instagram @domesticate. CUSTOM COLORS are back! Please contact me for lead times.

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kateordie says: Hi. Can you please tell me if this wallpaper is the same scale as in these pictures?

Posted over 1 year ago.


kymdenise says: Hi Andrea, I got a swatch of the ultra cotton with the larger repeat. I'm now not seeing it as option. I'm getting curtains made and the heavier cotton was recommended. Can I still get 21 yards? Please advise.Thank you

Posted over 1 year ago.


linleyd says: Hi does this have a repeat?

Posted about 2 years ago.


dto86 says: Im interested in purchasing 2 yards of charcoal dots in Eco Canvas. However, I need the orientation to be reversed. Currently, the 54 wide part is perpendicular to the pattern - I need the lines of close together dots to be parallel to the 54 side. Can this be changed, since its being made to order? @domesticate

Posted over 3 years ago.


islandchildthreads says: Hi there, I love this design. My mother and I are wanting to sell a few clothing items using this. How do we go about that? Sorry, I'm new to Spoonflower! Thanks, Emma

Posted almost 4 years ago.


domesticate says: Hi fayfield! Yes, that's the Charcoal Dots used by Bijou and Boheme:) I believe Christine chose the linen-cotton canvas.

Posted about 4 years ago.


fayfield says: fayfield says: Hello! Is this the fabric that Bijou & Bohome used on the chair photo here? If so, I'd love to know which weight to go with for upholstery. Gorgeous! Thanks much.

Posted about 4 years ago.


house_of_pillows says:

house_of_pillows uploaded a project image link for domesticate's design charcoal dots :


Posted over 4 years ago.


missbayhaven says: Thanks so much for your great customer service! Do you have something that explains the different types of fabrics you offer?

Posted over 4 years ago.