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Jade Moon Rabbit - duck egg blue fabric by bee&lotus on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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23.33in x 23.33in, 150 pixels/inch,
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By Clair

Bee & Lotus aka Clair, an Australian designer, maker and blogger. Please visit me at my blog for more info about me and my work. xo For licensing enquiries please contact me at

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2011, The year of the Rabbit. Chinese folklore tells of the Jade Rabbit or Moon Rabbit who lives on the moon alongside a toad. The Rabbit pounds herbs

2011, The year of the Rabbit. Chinese folklore tells of the Jade Rabbit or Moon Rabbit who lives on the moon alongside a toad. The Rabbit pounds herbs in a mortar and pestle for the Immortals to use in the Elixir of Life. In Japanese and Korean cultures the Rabbit is simply pounding ingredients for rice cake! My preference would be for pesto ;) Zoom in to see the detail.

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bee&lotus says: Hi Janye, Bummer you had to pay a customs charge. I too have been stung with a charge in the past. Unfortunately the charge has nothing to do with Spoonflower (or myself) and is impossed by the UK postal service. I am guessing that it is an attempt to keep people buying items locally? who knows? The only way around paying a customs chrage is by making purchases under 40 pounds or declaring the value as lower than 40 pounds, which would be fraud if not true. A matter to bring up with your local member for parliament perhaps?

Posted over 3 years ago.


janye says: Not impressed had to pay Royal Mail a further £12.22 customs charge when already paid postage to yourselves!!!!!!!

Posted over 3 years ago.


crystal_walen says: Sweet design!

Posted almost 5 years ago.


yellowkitty says: Clair, this is GORGEOUS! I really love this! :)

Posted over 6 years ago.


rebekah_sellers says: Absolutely gorgeous!!

Posted over 6 years ago.


tallulahdahling says: Inscribed_here nailed it. "Elegant" is the word for this pattern, with all its subtleties. And the combination of colors makes the golds and browns gently glow, as if gilded. (I hope it prints up that way!)Beautiful job.

Posted over 6 years ago.


erin_lebeau says: great inspiration made for a really beautiful piece --i agree the textures & patterns make it just luxurious

Posted over 6 years ago.


bee&lotus says: Thanks for your wonderful comments guys! So nice to receive feedback from you all :)

Posted over 6 years ago.


inscribed_here says: What an elegant representation of Rabbit folklore. Beautiful!

Posted over 6 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: The lovely floral crescents framing the rabbits is a subtle way to hint at the Rabbit's folk tale symbolism. The design has a nice feeling of restrained elegance. It would make an interesting furnishing fabric.

Posted over 6 years ago.


pattysloniger says: Your jade moon rabbit is so chic, I like the way you've layered your textures and patterns!

Posted over 6 years ago.