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Mumma's Handbag on Black - Large fabric by pinky_wittingslow on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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23.97in x 18.37in, 230 pixels/inch,
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By Pinky Wittingslow

Thank you for checking out my work. Please contact me for adjustments to existing designs in my collection and new commission work.

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Yes, unpleasant as some of the items may be this is truthfully the contents of my mumma bag which I have to share with Miss One and Mr Four.

All the essential Items, and not so essential ones a mumma and her little kidlets could ever or never need! See if you can spot them all! - Purse. - Phone with missed calls because it's always too hard to find in time. - Random sock because Miss One never likes to keep socks on. - Clean diapers/nappies and wet-wipes for dirty business. - Quintessential Pacifiers / Dummies. - Free napkins for spit-up management when the wet wipes run out. - Crumpled napkins or tissues Mr Four has dumped in there. - Bunny lovie belonging to Miss One. - Baby Sunglasses because they are cute but end up in the bag 2 seconds after you put them on. You don't have any in there because the kids broke yours last week. - Free Salt packets dumped in there by Mr Four when he discovered they weren't sugar. - Baby spoon for feeding on the go. - Loose change that is useless until you need it and then you can't find it. - Sultanas... come on, you know you've got them too! - Bobbypins... The only beauty product a mumma has time for and they're also handy for pinning napkins on as makeshift bibs :D. - The pen: This only works when the kids draw on something you don't want them to and never works when you need to use it to actually write. - Coffee Receipts...obviously. - Well used Coffee Loyalty cards...also very obvious. - An apple that one of the little monkeys takes a few tiny bites out of before dumping it back in your bag. - Granola bar. Usually the flavor no one likes which only gets eaten when you're all desperate and then have to fight over it. - 'Treasure' consisting of acorns, twigs and rocks secretly smuggled in by Mr Four the would-be archeologist. - Love.

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pinky_wittingslow says: Created on

pinky_wittingslow uploaded a project image link for pinky_wittingslow's design Mumma's Handbag on Black - Large :


Posted over 2 years ago.


mirabelleprint says: Haha, we have the same handbag :) Cute!

Posted about 3 years ago.


pinky_wittingslow says: Thanks so much lovelies. I had too much fun working on this one! :D

Posted over 3 years ago.


designed_by_debby says: What a wonderful story your bag tells! One more coffee and you get a free one! Nicely done with the illustrations and color palette. :-)

Posted over 3 years ago.


ottomanbrim says: Very cute and lovely illustrations!

Posted over 3 years ago.


irina_radtke says: I really love your design! It’s realistic and funny at the same time.

Posted over 3 years ago.


seesawboomerang says: My bag full of snotty tissues days are behind me, but it's funny how soon we fondly reminisce about the bags full of baby and toddler essentials :)

Posted over 3 years ago.