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3010 Sci Fi Tourist © 2010 Gingezel™ Inc. fabric by gingezel on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Gingezel Inc.

Share the joy of creating beauty! As PhD physicists our inspiration is a synergy of mathematics and nature. The result is sophisticated original designs. Enjoy and thank you for visiting! You are welcome to use these fabrics commercially.

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Scenes a time traveler could encounter in 3010 as they toured the galaxy. These images are extremely detailed.

There is a moon city with a ringed planet in the sky, a water city, a strange distant spire, and a stark scene with a large banded moon or planet. You can see the reflections on waves where there is water, the traffic in the street scene. Once created, each image takes 2 or 3 hours for my computer to render the image.

The images are arranged so that buying a fat quarter gives a quilter 4 different sci-fi images, but the design also works full width as a curtain. Each image is also available in a full fat quarter size for pillows.

These sophisticated futuristic images will appeal to all ages. The collection was created in the incredible Artmatic Voyager software from U&I software.

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gingezel says: I just discovered this wonderful quilt project - a belated thank you to whotookmyname!!

Posted over 3 years ago.


whotookmyname says: Used in my Ammonite Evolution Quilt Project

whotookmyname uploaded a fabric image for gingezel's design 3010 Sci Fi Tourist © 2010 Gingezel™ Inc. :


Posted almost 5 years ago.


gingezel says: This test print is the revised design with greater image resolution. It turned out well. Sorry I'm so behind posting photos.

gingezel uploaded a fabric image for gingezel's design 3010 Sci Fi Tourist © 2010 Gingezel™ Inc. :


Posted over 5 years ago.


gingezel says: I have adjusted the image quality here to be lighter so more detail shows. I wasn't quite happy with the test print.

Posted over 6 years ago.


gingezel says: Thanks vandecraats and Inscribed here for your wonderful comments. I admit to a holiday break and being late replying - wishing you and all the great designers here the best for 2011!

Posted over 6 years ago.


_vandecraats says: Great Imagination, great pictures! Good luck, Eliana

Posted almost 7 years ago.


inscribed_here says: The placement of these marvelous picture panels is so well balanced that veiwing them as two yards of the sateen brings to mind the possibility of the start of a very attractive quilt cover. Each image has a lovely aura of serenity while stimulating me to consider what further wonders might be found just beyond the border.

Posted almost 7 years ago.


gingezel says: Thanks Rhonda for your wonderful comment :-) I've also done the 4 images larger for big lounge on pillows thinking soft furnishings.

Posted almost 7 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: These wonderfully detailed images capture the imagination and catapult us into the realm of , "what-if?". This fabric would be perfect for soft furnishings and decor accents in the rooms of fans of all things sci-fi.

Posted almost 7 years ago.