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uzumakidolly fabric by uzumakijo on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Jo Burgess

I have recently rebranded myself as Patternorium, I have kept my name as Uzumakijo on here as have many followers, but can be found elsewhere online as Patternorium. If you would like any of my designs in a different size or repeat just drop me a message!

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Spiral haired doll with sown up mouth trapped in a mirror! Whatever can have occured here?! Make your own mind up!

this is a drawing i did in my sketchbook in pen and ink a while ago, the dolly is trapped in a mirror with just her hair managing to break through into the real world and entwine itself around the frame, trying to escape (the spiral hair again!!). she has been a bad dolly and has her mouth sown up and no arms! the background is supposed to look like old fashioned wallpaper. this was inspired in part by old horror stories i used to read as a kid by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P.Lovecraft amongst others.

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alvina_zazel says: I loved the Uzumaki manga! And I love your style :) this is so cute and would go so well with your shell spiral pattern for accent.

Posted over 1 year ago.


amy_g says: Oh, I love this so much......I am crazy about your style!!!!!

Posted over 4 years ago.


uzumakijo says: thanks patty.....i kinda did that, i printed some out on my printer at home smaller, cut round the oval, laminated them and made them into necklaces....they are in a local shop where i sell my jewellery.....will have to see how they go...i can't think who on earth would want to buy one....but just have to try these things hahaa!!

Posted about 7 years ago.


pattysloniger says: Your uzumakidolly fabric printed up so great! This design is so cool, I could see cutting out the oval and making her into a brooch.

Posted about 7 years ago.


uzumakijo says: yay, here is the printed uzumakidolly fabric, not to everyones taste i know...but i love her, printed up really well....very pleased!

uzumakijo uploaded a fabric image for uzumakijo's design uzumakidolly :


Posted about 7 years ago.


uzumakijo says: ooh thanks for the comment rae, i seem to have missed it at the time! i'm well pleased you've likened my uzumakidolly to helena bonham-carter, i love her, i like to think i have a similar style to helena...kind of eclectic and eccentric, however other people think i have the style of someone who has been dressed by a blind person and then dragged through a hedge backwards, so what do i know hahaaaa!

Posted about 7 years ago.


babysisterrae says: So great...looks like Helena Bonham Carter in a Burton film.

Posted about 7 years ago.


uzumakijo says: thanks so much isabella and mona, i'm really pleased you like it, i was just trying to do something other than contest themes....this is what happens when i'm left to my own devices...oh dear!! hahaaa!

Posted about 7 years ago.


lulakiti says: Love it! Everything about it!

Posted about 7 years ago.


inscribed_here says: This is dramatically disturbing yet creepily cute. It's a great drawing and that creeping, curling hair is fantastic. It certainly brings to mind some of the darker stories I've read. I love the background pattern.

Posted about 7 years ago.


uzumakijo says: haha..thanks jillian, sharon and rhonda,,,i wasn't sure whether to put her up for display or not...hope she's not too much! she does have a bit of a backstory as it goes rhonda...there are a couple of other drawings of her too that are still in the plain pen and ink stage so far, from before she gets trapped in the mirror! this is my favourite tho!

Posted about 7 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: This would be a great design to illustrate the cover of a book about "Uzumakidolly!". It hints of all kinds of disturbing horror scenarios.

Posted about 7 years ago.


scrummy says: brilliant (name is so fab too) ~ I love this! That sketchbook is hot property... I really want to see this printed up! xxx

Posted about 7 years ago.


jillianmorris says: She is so creepy and cute! I really love the background too!

Posted about 7 years ago.