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Light Pink Greyhound Toile ©2010 by Jane Walker  fabric by artbyjanewalker on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Jane Walker

I have an Illustration degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, and I love creating my own original designs for fabric! "FABRIC COLLECTIONS" below allows easy viewing of related designs.

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Baby pink toile with greyhounds, rabbits, and foxes. Greyhound gift wrap, fabric, and wallpaper.

Greyhounds, rabbits, foxes, and swallows in a traditional tinted toile. This design features line drawing with lighter tinting on a white background.

NOTE: The printed colors may be very different than what you see on your monitor! They will also vary from one fabric to another. If color is important, please consider buying a swatch first.

This greyhound fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap is available in many colors! To see them all, use these links:
Cool colors: Greyhound toile in blue, green, grey, purple
Warm colors: Greyhound toile in pink, red, yellow, gold, brown

I have greyhound motif fabrics designed specially for martingale collars, pillow kits to make soft pillows of your favorite greyhound, and more.
Jane Walker Specialty Greyhound Fabrics

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mjw23 says: this would look great on an antique chair

Posted almost 5 years ago.


artbyjanewalker says: This pink version is the third most popular color for this design according to Spoonflower's "popular" filter. Out of 22 colors, only Back and Indigo Blue are more popular!

Posted over 6 years ago.


artbyjanewalker says: I think this pink greyhound toile has been made a "favorite" more than any of my other fabrics, LOL!

Posted almost 7 years ago.


eclectic_mermaid says: Gorgeous. I am IN LOVE with this

Posted almost 7 years ago.


khowardquilts says: It is very pretty; I wouldn't have chosen pink either. I think the darker colors show the design better.

Posted about 7 years ago.


lulakiti says: Ha! That's funny. :) You just never know what will appeal to any one person.

Posted about 7 years ago.


artbyjanewalker says: A friend of mine thought the version with green dogs (the only one she saw) was weird--I had to explain that toile is traditionally printed with just one color on white, LOL! So much of appreciation is about expectations.

Posted about 7 years ago.


lulakiti says: I saw your comment on Flickr about this one and had to come check it out - and it IS indeed quite lovely in pink! Who'da thunk it? :) I think it is actually my favorite of all colourways... of course, I do love pink as a general rule.

Posted about 7 years ago.


artbyjanewalker says: I would never have thought of offering this design in pink if a customer had not requested it, and now it is so popular!

Posted about 7 years ago.