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Blue grey and purple from layers drip dyed fabric by koalalady on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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12.00in x 12.00in, 150 pixels/inch,
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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Shirley Blundell

I am retired and my main passion is digital art followed by quilting . Once I discovered Spoonflower I could see this as the next step in joining these two interests together.

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A multi colored fabric design created from my original photograph. Following directions from Diane Doran's video"Digital Surface Design"

Apologies to Diane Doran as I found it difficult to follow her instructions as I added my own ideas as I went along. fabric best suited as background fabric for art quilting and hangings.

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koalalady says: Hi Judi, Thank you for taking a second look and finding this one.I usually pick a photograph which has interesting colors in it in order to achieve these drip dyes. Sometimes it s a scene but sometimes a photograph in which I have chosen the colors. Best to you and Don, Shirley.

Posted almost 2 years ago.


gingezel says: I just found this one - the colors are wonderful!

Posted almost 2 years ago.


koalalady says: Thank you so much Rhonda for your kind words. I have hardly begun to think of how this could be used and of course a blender for quilts is certainly a great idea.

Posted over 3 years ago.


koalalady says: Thanks Su- All about color as the method is actually quite simple. I'm promoting the video by Diane Duran as she deserves the credit. I've been busy with a house guest- I'll write separately about this and the 'studio' in another message. Cheers

Posted over 3 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: This striated pattern of gorgeous blues and purples makes a stunning blender print, Shirley!

Posted over 3 years ago.


su_g says: Gorgeous range of purples through to lilacs and blues with hints of gold and silver. This would be great for any cutwork - quilting, applique, patchwork - with all the wonderful blending of colros to play with.

Posted over 3 years ago.