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Women from continents - blue fabric by analinea on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Ana Lidia González

Hi!! Since I finished Architecture I've been working in different construction companies, but I like design and in this shop you can see some examples about what I prepare in my free time. Write me if you want a design in a different size or color.

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In ancient times there were leader women, as governors or warriors: Cleopatra, Wu Zetian, Jeanne d'Arc, Kura Oqllo...

Wu Zetian: China (Asia), 625-705 AC
Cleopatra: Egypt (Africa), 69-30 BC
Jeanne d'Arc: France (Europe), 1412-1431 AC
Kura Oqllo: Peru (America), 1536 AC

I'm sorry for Oceania, I couldn't find any story about an aborigine woman. If you find it, I'll be pleased to listen.

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analinea says: Thank you Jan. My first idea was a worldmap with each woman in her continent, but the map had to be very big or the women very small, so this is how it finished. :)

Posted almost 5 years ago.


hootenannit says: Beautifully drawn! You've organized a lot of information into your toile in a very aesthetically pleasing way (hard to do)! Kudos, too, for trying to celebrate women from all over the globe.

Posted almost 5 years ago.


analinea says: Thank you Brittney. It's the first time I do a toile, I have a lot to learn.

Posted almost 5 years ago.


pond_ripple says: This is beautiful! I love all the flowers and all the detail that you have crammed into each portrait!

Posted almost 5 years ago.


analinea says: Thank you Vannina, you has been very fast!!! We are in the same time zone (France-Spain), other folks are still sleeping. ;)

Posted almost 5 years ago.


vannina says: Gorgeous! Fantastic details!

Posted almost 5 years ago.


analinea says: Detail: each woman has her continent in the medallion next to her.

analinea uploaded a fabric image for analinea's design Women from continents - blue :


Posted almost 5 years ago.