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Ditsy Vampire Crickets - synergy0013 fabric by glimmericks on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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8.00in x 8.00in, 150 pixels/inch,
x repeats across a roll
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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Pamela Rinehart

Mostly digital art/all originals - do not copy (Copyright Pamela Rinehart - all rights reserved) | YES - you can make/sell anything made with fabric you buy | view fabric collections for a better experience

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Watch out for their tiny, fangs! These bloodthirsty little crickets are ready for Halloween already. View a larger sized version to see the details.

VAMPIRE(SYNERGY0013): This design belongs to the Synergy Challenge Collection: Synergy0013 VAMPIRE, and coordinates with other designs in the project. You may sell anything you produce using fabric purchased from the collection.Learn more about this project at The Synergy Challenge Project This is a palette-restricted project using the colors: 000000 (black), ffffff (white), 8a2533 (crimson), 532942 (cabernet), 5d4d62 (twilight), d9a8e1 (lilac), b6bd00 (slime green), and explores the concept of " Vampire."

View my Synergy0013 design collection.

If you want this or any other design "railroaded" (turned 90 degrees), just let me know. This design is also available in other colors and scales upon request. Just message me on my shop or through my website,or leave a comment. I can usually handle special requests to adjust an existing design within 24 hours. Want something different? Have an idea but need it worked into a unique design? Just ask! I can modify colors, rescale or create coordinates as well as entirely new designs and do custom work upon request.
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glimmericks says: Thanks so much! It didn't get a lot of attention in the ditsy crickets contest but it did turn out so well on fabric.

Posted over 3 years ago.


amy_g says: This is so crazy fun!!!! Vampire crickets, what a great combo, love it!

Posted over 3 years ago.


su_g says: Very cute and attractive - and by no means limited to Halloween applications! (I can imagine this on a conversation-starting business blouse in silk crepe de chine, for instance!)

Posted over 3 years ago.


glimmericks says: Thanks, Kelly and Jasmin. Yes - not your usual crickets and if I had some of these around I would have to start a garlic farm.

Posted almost 4 years ago.


ladyrattus says: I love crickets... and vampires... combining the two? Yep successfully creepy! I had a rat called Lacewing and one called Doctor Cricket Livingstone. They were cute and fluffy! Not scary like these guys. lol. Think of the torment... all summer night you hear the crickets and instead of just keeping you awake with their chirping... you lay there with a clove of garlic... knowing they're coming for you!!!! As always a great design with so much character. :)

Posted almost 4 years ago.


weavingmajor says: yikes! creepy cool.

Posted almost 4 years ago.


glimmericks says: Ha! Thanks, Marian!

Posted almost 4 years ago.


eclectic_house says: Cute little nippers!

Posted almost 4 years ago.


glimmericks says: Not my favorite insects - I'm one who likes butterflies, dragonflies, lacewings, praying mantis, bees, and ladybugs. Jumpy things aren't my favorite.

Posted almost 4 years ago.


glimmericks says: This is a closeup view of the Ditsy Vampire Crickets design.

glimmericks uploaded a fabric image for glimmericks's design Ditsy Vampire Crickets - synergy0013 :


Posted almost 4 years ago.


edsel2084 says: Very nice. I can almost hear them chirping through my monitor.

Posted about 4 years ago.