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Sarah Wilson  fabric by lana_gordon_rast_ on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Lana Gordon Rast

I love designing and making things that make people happy. Thank you for taking the time to view my work. A special thanks to those who purchase my fabric, that gives me the excuse to create more! I have digital paper files at my Etsy Shop.

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Designed in honor of my mother-in-law Mary Grammer Rast. The advertising signs are from her family names. This is one of my favorite designs I have done. The fruit I painted with acyrlics then scanned them into the design.

The collection Sarah Wilson reminds me of someone who lived in an old fashioned farm house that has gathered memorabilia over the years that really meant something to them. They used flour sacks for clothes, they canned and preserved their food. They created beauty for their home and family from what was available to them and cherished everything. While it might seem like we romanticize their life and times. They lived, loved and worked hard to take care of their families and certainly enjoyed life as much or more then any of us. My designs can be rescaled if you need, either larger or smaller. Some of the designs I can change the colors.

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therustichome says: I love this!!

Posted almost 2 years ago.


art_on_fabric says: Gorgeous! :-)

Posted over 2 years ago.


monaharris says: Love this! I may have to buy some to put with my fruit design for a quilt. :)

Posted over 2 years ago.


lana_gordon_rast_ says: Thanks so much for your compliments, this is one of my favorite designs.

Posted over 2 years ago.


bluevelvet says: This is so beautiful Lana, I love the story behind this

Posted over 2 years ago.


vanillabeandesigns says: Such a meaningful and endearing retro print! Beautifully designed.

Posted about 3 years ago.


shellypenko says: And your coordinates are perfect!

Posted over 3 years ago.


shellypenko says: What a beautiful, meaningful design! I love it.

Posted over 3 years ago.


whimzwhirled says: What a beautiful tribute and design.

Posted almost 4 years ago.


sheila_marie_delgado says: I can hear Glenn Miller, Don't sit under the apple tree... ( playing and children laughing, and couples chatting in the shade. Your collection perfectly captures days gone by. The checkerboard kitchen floor, clothing prints. I love your name, Sarah Wilson... great story!

Posted almost 4 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: I love the charming vintage look of your design, Lana! Your interesting description and tribute to your mother-in-law added an extra meaning to the design and enhanced my appreciation of your artwork.

Posted almost 4 years ago.