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design index fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

by sef

Design Scale Options:

4.00in x 4.00in, 150 pixels/inch,
x repeats across a roll
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NOTE: Not recommended for use on even slightly textured walls. For children’s rooms, we recommend buying our Smooth wallpaper.

Horizontal: 1
Vertical: 1
This design is not yet for sale, but sign up and send Sef a message if you'd like to buy it.

By SEF (alien polymath)

Be aware that colours vary between different fabrics *and* display devices. Check via test swatch if you need an exact match to something. Go off-site for better indexing into the designs on here.

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This is just a place-holder design to fit into Spoonflower's model of designer-owned pages. Click through if you want to see ...

... more useful information and links; because this design ⇑ is intended as a functional index for improved on-site navigation. Many of my designs are very geometric and best browsed by colour scheme or by underlying shape or symmetry group as much as by any subject / object theme or concept.

colour schemes:
contest / challenge palettes
synergy etc group palettes
• personal palettes: black and white, emphasis, terracotta, caramel toffee, verdant greens, naval blues, arctic blues, tropical harvest, karmic, beachy, inferno, volcanic, psychedelic, rainbow, sherbet, minty
• monochrome (single hue) palettes: greyscale, coffee and chocolate

shapes and concepts:
collection index (off-site, numerical)
tessellation index (off-site, alphabetical)
all tagged tessellations
outline designs (eg for colouring)
op-art (designs featuring optical illusions)
circles : squared, scales, clustered lenses
• curvy : splash
waves : billows
spirals : isometric greek key
pentagons : pentagonal florals
hexagons and triangles : equilateral, rhombus, 120 isosceles / asanoha
octagons : on square, edge star, vertex star, right isosceles
decagons : with pentagon, decorated star
dodecagons : on triangle, on hexagon, on square, domes, fractured, gems, rhombus, vertex star mix, edge stars

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borderlines says: About your design : Funny, my French brain has first seen it was written ‘oeuf’ (=’egg’ in French) on the first line :-) Unfortunately; as your design isn’t for sale currently, I can only access to the new version of the fabric page on the international site, so your index isn’t accessible since HTML is disabled here (on the contrary of the US wallpaper and gift wrap page where we can still see the full description with HTML, even on the new site). But I remember it (I’ve liked your design/index/ex-alien text a while ago), because I thought it was a *great* idea :) But wow! Your comment was shown in my feed ! So it works from time to time...

Posted 4 months ago.


sef says: The interesting thing about comments under designs is that you are not actually required to address or respond to anyone in particular. They can be used to inform generally or merely promote a design on one's own news feed. However, with Spoonflower splitting into different language subsites (en, fr, de, es), more notifications have been getting lost altogether (not merely appearing late). So a given comment may not appear in the alerts listing at all. This means private messaging is probably the most reliable way to contact a designer.

Posted 4 months ago.