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Small Old_Map_Calendar_2015 fabric by khowardquilts on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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24.11in x 16.07in, 168 pixels/inch,
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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Kathleen Howard

Message me for resizing designs or colors changes and turning designs 90 degrees to better use the fabric. I share an interest in fabric design with my sister ArtbyJaneWalker . I'm a quilter and have a love of fabric. I can set up photos for pillows.

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Tattered Map Calendar on a barn board background. Centered for fat quarters only. THIS SIZED TO PRINT ON A FAT QUARTER OF FABRIC 40 TO 54 INCHES WIDE

The background is slightly different than the one for last year. If printed on fabric wider than 54 inches there will be blank fabric on the top and bottom. This can be set to print 4 to a yard of 54 inch fabric; message me so I can change the settings or you will get one calendar in the middle of a yard. Set to print 9-24 x 16 inch calendars on 12 feet of wallpaper. message me if you prefer 6- 12 x 8 inch calendars on 2 feet of wallpaper. 4- 26 x 18 calendars print ed on wrapping paper.

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khowardquilts says: This has been redesigned for 2015. This is centered for fat quarters. It can be printed on any fabric, though there will be blank space on the top and bottom of the widest fabrics, as the file is 27 inches.

Posted almost 3 years ago.


khowardquilts says: This is redesigned for 2014.

Posted about 4 years ago.


khowardquilts says: I thought that some people might want this on the narrower fabrics. Also by making the center map almost square it is more suitable for a 15 inch decal without having to have part of it blank on the sides.

Posted almost 5 years ago.