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Thanks,Matisse ! fabric by kimruss@thatcatart on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Kim Russ

Whimsical cat sketches plus a variety of subjects and patterns. Facebook: That Cat Art and Email: *Contact us and a secretary cat will respond promptly.

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Our entry :Matisse inspired limited palette contest, Nasher gallery. Research was a treat, refreshing memories of studying this master artist, passionate about his every brushstroke without holding to convention or necessarily a straight line. Enjoy!

It is important to note,our design in no way imitates,equals or illustrates the brilliance of Matisse. All of us who tread here need to do so with respect,humility and a sense of wonder,of losing,and finding,ourselves in our art. Consider: passion before process. Enjoy !

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kimruss@thatcatart says: Your comments and encouragement mean a lot to me,Lisa.My "doodles" are a source of great pleasure and freedom for me and I am so happy that was translated into the work.Kim@krussimages

Posted over 4 years ago.


vanillabeandesigns says: I remember this one from the Matisse contest - I was not in the Spoonflower community yet so I did not vote, but I loved the freedom of this design. You should do more drawings and "doodles"! They feel unrestrained in a child - like, joyful way.

Posted over 4 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: The free-flowing movement of the painterly lines in your design lead the eye on a delightful journey through a maze of colour and shape and texture!

Posted about 5 years ago.


kimruss@thatcatart says: Thanks,Moira! I'm rather fond of it too(but it feels oh,so rewarding to hear it from you). It was freeing in a way to work on a sketch after so much photography.Kim

Posted about 5 years ago.


moirarae says: Ooo, I love this! Very painterly and free!

Posted about 5 years ago.