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What Cat ? fabric by krussimages on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Kim Russ

Heartfelt designs created for you! Please ask about custom work . Check collections to jumpstart ideas and discover new favorites. You'll find whimsical sketches, photos, rainbow colors. Contact us and a secretary cat will respond promptly!

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What do cats, a "CAT" tractor and arrows have in common? They are all used as design elements in this smile-worthy collage from krussimages.Enjoy!

So, one amazingly sunny day in this southern Washington summer I was stopped in traffic behind,what else, a bright yellow tractor.(Yes, we are a rather rural town). All of my spoonflower arrow ideas had missed the mark and I was looking for inspiration. Yahoo ! There was the "Cat" sign,complete with arrow, right in front of me.With a little luck I got a cellphone camera shot before the stoplight changed. On the same day I received this portrait of our Mack cat(photo credit to our way cool actor/comedian,an amazing artist in his own right who occasionally contributes to the family spoonflower shop.Thanks,Eric ! )A few snapshots of the idling tractor ,a few dozen cellphone camera tweeks and voila ! Just plain fun.We hope it brings you a smile.Enjoy!

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krussimages says: Thank you for your support and compliments,Rhonda! " What Cat ?" features our Maine Coon male,Mack,lovingly known at home as Mackcat , king of everything he sees and everything he touches. "Zigzag Cat" features Gwen,our much-loved silver and black female Maine Coon.She and her lovely sister,Gennie,are featured in many designs.Gennie is the subject of "Bluecat" and "Here Kitty,Kitty" among others. Sometimes this wild bunch,which also includes our two Australian Shepherd dogs,Zeke and Syd (the subject of "Dognap"),seems like quite a houseful.I plan to post some pictures of Mack here soon. Again, thanks Rhonda, and also thanks to my other "followers" who may by now be reconsidering this wordy designer! Kim @krussimages

Posted almost 5 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: Is the cat that is lurking in the midst of your dynamic arrows design the same sleepy feline that starred in your zigzag pattern? There is a wealth of fascinating snippets of imagery crammed into this amazing design... including the cat's whiskers! It is an excellent collage!

Posted almost 5 years ago.