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Peacoquette Is A Zombie Mommy! fabric by peacoquettedesigns on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Sarah Walden

Fascinated by all things historical - but with a modern twist. What can I design for you? All designs are original, taken from public domain, Creative Commons or legally licensed.

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True story! A zombie plush toy starring Peacoquette. One side, she is an unwitting lady, living life... the next ~ her life has been drained by Baby Peacoquettelette!

ZOMBIE MOMMY Peacoquette was just floating along until one day the stork brought a little Peacoquettelette. Her eyes grew red from exhaustion. Her once beautiful skin grew green with revulsion at the constant stream of goo and grime Truth be told, she was reduced to monosyllables from only speaking to a baby. Did I mention she drooled a little? And kinda smelled? She had become - ZOMBIE MOMMY! True story. Cut around the edges and sew together. For people using a machine, sew along the solid line. For hand stitchers, you can get fancy and sew along the figures. Stuff with brains... I mean, the filler of your choice! Coordinating plaid available!

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peacoquettedesigns says: I love it, Mombie! That's hilarious. I made this when my daughter was a wee one and I was living this reality! :)

Posted almost 3 years ago.


pinky_wittingslow says: Hahahah! I understand this sentiment all too well! We call it 'Having a MOMBIE day" in my mum's group.

Posted almost 3 years ago.


peacoquettedesigns says: Thank you, so much! I loved the other zombie mom!

Posted over 5 years ago.


kociara says: there is another Zombie mummy in the competition, this one looks quite dead :) Fantastic design!

Posted over 5 years ago.