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tetris fabric by cityscraper on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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By Marjolein van de Donk

I am a busy bee, who sees beauty in ordinary things. I craves city-trips on a regular basis, where I take non-professional pictures to use in all kinds of creative work.

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A typical tetris design on black background in primary colours.

When I could not decide between ordering chronicallyuncool's "Tetris border design" and jennytoo's "Tetris style blocks falling", I decided to do one of my own as they both release there design under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. As suggested by them I shall do the same. Please note, this Tetris design has different colour, different size and different order. Photos shall follow soon.

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luckykitty13 says: I love this fabric! I'm having a tetris wedding and I really need this fabric but with a white background. Is that something that could easily be done? I love that the colors are mostly accurate in yours. Should I just try to do it myself? I don't know how this spoonflower thing works. Help!

Posted over 3 years ago.


cityscraper says: Thank you so much Aphoenixrain, for posting your picture! Your pouch looks lovely! Good luck with it!

Posted over 4 years ago.


aphoenixrain says: 10"x7" zippered pouch I made using a tutorial from Noodlehead: <a href="">Zippered Pouch</a>.

aphoenixrain uploaded a project image link for cityscraper's design tetris :


Posted over 4 years ago.


cityscraper says: This picture is as my camera took it. Hope it helps!

cityscraper uploaded a fabric image for cityscraper's design tetris :


Posted almost 5 years ago.


cityscraper says: Hello! It is brighter than the other patterns, I have made mine like the tetris I know from the old days. Now black always comes out a bit more greyish and the colours are not neon/fluorescent as you will need special dyes for that, but I will take a picture of what my ordered fabric looks like, hopefully that will help you to decide...

Posted almost 5 years ago.


doubletake says: I'd like to know too. The colors look a lot brighter than the other tetris patterns, and I'd order this one over those if that's the case

Posted almost 5 years ago.


kochipoik says: Is the colour of the blocks as bright/flouro as it seems in the picture?

Posted almost 5 years ago.