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Ruby encrusted Party Pants fabric by whimzwhirled on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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12.02in x 9.29in, 183 pixels/inch,
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By Janiece Senn

30 years I've worked as a fine artist, scenic artist and prop master and have enjoyed working for many major theme parks and movie studios. Now retired, I've always wanted to work with my own cloth designs. Now I will

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When I first saw that pomegranate was the contest theme I was totally uninspired. I couldn't figure out how to take a pomegranate and make it anything

When I first saw that pomegranate was the contest theme I was totally uninspired. I couldn't figure out how to take a pomegranate and make it anything more than a simple fruit and as my work tends to lean more to the crazy fashion genre, I thought I might just sit this contest out. Then I remembered an Egyptian friend, I once dated that said his family had them growing in his yard. I also remembered an Egyptian woven dress he had given me and the beautiful organic shapes it had on it so I dug through my old stuff (it doesn't fit anymore, lol) and found the dress. I called Ibraheem and asked him if his family had a way of sending photos of pomegranates and he was able to send me several nice photos with permission to use as I wanted and I went to work cutting and pasting and blending. That's how the ruby encrusted party pants were born. His sister who provided the pictures is thrilled with the design and has forwarded it to some friends of hers in Egypt that may be interested in using it in their fashion business. Sorry Spoonflower but I also gave her permission to print the fabric in Egypt if they liked it. It's was only fair. She was the one who said that they looked like rubies and she wanted a pair of pants made out of the fabric to wear. So a big part of this design and the title are thanks to Kiya. I get by with a little help from my friends. I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends.

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whimzwhirled says: Thanks again Charlotte. Again there were some gorgeous fabric designs created in this contest. It's a good thing I've turned all my x's into forever friends. I still love them all for different reasons and never want to be that person who wants it all or nothing or thinks I didn't have a hand in them becoming x's. I have built some walls that even a jack hammer couldn't bring down. I recognize them and embrace them as part of me.

Posted over 4 years ago.


charldia says: I actually love the color combo and pattern in this. It is quite pretty.

Posted over 4 years ago.


whimzwhirled says: Thanks ladies, The swatch of this came out very crisp with beautiful deep reds. I was surprised at the creativity of so many on this challenge that was a hard one for me to get excited about. I love that about the challenges.

Posted over 5 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: That is an interesting background story to go with your splendid fabric design, Janiece!

Posted over 5 years ago.


feebeedee says: You've got some great friends!

Posted over 5 years ago.


su_g says: Fascinating design, and delightful story! Nice to have friends...

Posted over 5 years ago.