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polygon grids 6x6 of 6x6 fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

by sef

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24.00in x 24.00in, 225 pixels/inch,
x repeats across a roll
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Specialist in maths, science, computing, music, dance etc. Click through to

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Patches of all the regular and semi-regular polygon grids plus one other and some of the many interesting patterns derived from them.

Patches (6 times 6 of 6" by 6") of all the regular and semi-regular polygon grids plus one other grid and just a very few of the many interesting patterns to be derived from these. Use yard or zoom view to see the rest of the designs. Use the embed link to see Spoonflower's unsquashed version of their display image.

3 regular:
R4 = (4 squares around a single vertex type);
R6 = 6.6.6 (3 regular hexagons around a single vertex type);
R3 = (6 equilateral triangles around a single vertex type).
Note that R4 is its own inverse while R6 and R3 are the inverse of each other.

8 semi-regular:
S84 = 8.8.4 (2 regular octagons and a square);
SC3 = 12.12.3 (2 regular dodecagons and an equilateral triangle);
S63 = (alternating hexagons and equilateral triangles);
S43 = (squares and equilateral triangles giving tetrad symmetry);
S44 = (squares and equilateral triangles clumped in diad symmetry);
S633 = (a twisted regular hexagon surrounded by equilateral triangles in 2 different configurations);
S643 = (a regular hexagon separated from an equilateral triangle by squares);
SC64 = 12.6.4 (a regular dodecagon, regular hexagon and square around each vertex).

There's another simple grid included with just 3 regular polygon faces but having 2 different vertices. So it isn't a pure semi-regular one. Can you find it (and its derivatives)?

Once we enter this transitional stage, of multiple vertex types, there are a great many other grids. There are also a lot of fascinating irregular grids (where the individual polygons are not quite regular but still have some symmetry and combine together well into a repeating lattice).

The colours are not significant in this type of design. The white should be white or a relatively pale colour. The dark shade can be anything relatively dark down to black. The middling shade merely needs to be somewhere in the middle (possibly on the lighter side). Currently displaying it in the original geometric contest colours.
contest 142 colours spring greens aqua + teal
colourcode colourcode colourcode
A7BB7D 99FF33 9DC9BA
724B64 006600 006666
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sef says: I never know how technical I should risk getting in explanations because the internet is inherently a mixed ability group of unknown background.

Posted over 5 years ago.


khowardquilts says: Wow!

Posted over 5 years ago.


greennote says: Thanks for the details and the links in the description, it's great to see people sharing information like this. Good luck in the competition!

Posted over 5 years ago.


sef says: An educational quilt (or wall-chart) too! ;-) <br> <br>I was considering basing one on a different grid but simple squares are probably the easiest and most useful for sewing or chopping up.

Posted over 5 years ago.


robyriker says: This is a very neat patchwork! It would make a fun quilt!

Posted over 5 years ago.


sef says: The contest colours do seem to be "an acquired taste"! Avocado and aubergine, passion flower and kiwi fruit or grape and grape. ;-)

Posted over 5 years ago.


fireflower says: I love this ... not the colors, I've made myself clear in the discussion of same ... but I love the variety of shapes in the regularity of the square patches. That they are mathematically grown patterns lends a peacefulness and groundedness to the whole design. Kind of an "all's right with the world" feeling.

Posted over 5 years ago.