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Retro Linoleum fabric by bargello_stripes on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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1.33in x 1.33in, 150 pixels/inch,
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A retro graphic design reminiscent of linoleum or tiles from the past. Graphics and a retro palate reminiscent of old Mexican tiles, or vintage linoleum based on old Moorish patterns

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bargello_stripes says: Thank you so much for your defense of true linoleum. I watched a documentary (yes, yawn for those not so inclined) that showed how it used to be made, after I had built a bookshelf that I covereed with linseed oil. Not only was I impressed with the documentary, but I was amazed by the way my skin responded to the oil -- I have never had smoother skin, except when I am using the modern name, flax-seed oil! Imagine the wonder people must have felt to have grown flax for fabric, which produced seed for oil, and, in my mother's mid-WWII childhood, left over the husks for feed for their small dairy. She tells a story about how the cows would crowd their cribs, waiting for their dusting of flax husks, and how she tasted them once and decided they were really good!!! Now we have little use for the flax, only "health food" uses for the oil, and no little girls to envy the cows -- but I still remember the strength and resilience of the floor cover, just as I now apply the oil to my skin on a daily basis. Thanks for your comments on its suitabilty to quilting -- that's just what I had in mind for the version "with grout". The other version tempts me to make a skirt with a twist of the old Alhambra!

Posted about 5 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: In the days when most people had fuel stoves for cooking, linoleum was an excellent choice for kitchen flooring as it gave an easy to clean, attractive covering for bare floorboards. I also remember many old wooden tables were given a new look by being covered with the off-cuts from newly-laid lino! Your lovely design is an appealing abstract pattern that has many potential uses in projects ranging from apparel and quilting to upholstery!

Posted about 5 years ago.


bargello_stripes says: Thank you so much demouse! My grandmother also had a kitchen with linoleum, and this is roughly based on my memories of breakfast around the kitchen table in the cool of her ranch-style adobe house. I know perfectly well why some hate the stuff, but hers was still in good shape, more than fifty years after the house was built. There aren't many kinds of flooring you can say that about -- where there was still the ability for grubby kids to run and chase each other because it cleaned up with a lick and a promise!

Posted about 5 years ago.


sheila_marie_delgado says: This is great... it does look like linoleum. I know people hate that flooring....but I can still remember the sound of my grandmother walking in her kitchen. :)

Posted about 5 years ago.