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Ine Beerten
Antwerpen Belgium

WELCOME! I'm Ine and I love creating colorful, fresh & fun patterns. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to license one of my designs. All designs ©Ine Beerten!/page...


Zesti's News


quirkysewing commented on zesti's design:

Vive Le Tour de France!
Vive Le Tour de France!
so creative! beautiful pattern!
Posted about 1 month ago.

dancingqueen2 commented on zesti's design:

Elephants in Love Saffron
Elephants in Love Saffron
I love this design! I wish it came in a wallpaper too!
Posted 3 months ago.

amy_g commented on zesti's design:

Love all colours
Love all colours
This is just fab!! Great colors!
Posted 6 months ago.