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Wsmahoney's News


kssfabrics commented on wsmahoney's design:

I really like that Audrey Hepburn print...It's really cool. I've done my own Audrey Hepburn print. I could very well do a drawing of her...but, it wouldn't look just like her. It would just look similar to her.
Posted about 2 years ago.

winterblossom commented on wsmahoney's design:

Your very talented. Captured personality and humanity of her. Like a photograph. Authentic. I love the whole collection.
Posted over 2 years ago.

carmalo14 commented on wsmahoney's design:

Luscious Marilyn
Luscious Marilyn
Hey this is * carmalo14* and you did really good and please feel free to come to my store and check out my Marilyn Monroe
Posted almost 3 years ago.