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A former jewelry designer, I come from a family of writers and artists. Designing fabric is turning out to be one of the most thrilling enterprises ever - a true technical and creative challenge.


Telden's News


su_g commented on telden's design:

Serenity in Sepia
Serenity in Sepia
Lovely motif! Couldn't see the finished chair at the link but I'm sure it looked serene :-)
Posted 8 months ago.

box_mom commented on telden's design:

Currency Converted
Currency Converted
This is an Amazing fabric. Wow! It will bring to life any project. Great job in creating it. I wil probably order more.
Posted 11 months ago.

telden commented on telden's design:

The Village Castle
The Village Castle
Just a heads-up to anyone considering this fabric, the fabric marks were all cleaned up and fixed a long time ago and there have been no issues since.
Posted about 1 year ago.