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Sue Halstead

Wolverhampton UK

You're welcome to re-sell items made with these designs, please credit me if you can. Contact me for scale/colour changes, licensing opportunities and commissions. I'll be happy to help. email me at

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blue, pink, floral, green, girls, coral, abstract, birds, flowers, orange,

folky, yellow, hand drawn, home decor, folk art, tossed, flight, foliage, clothing, pretty, purple, women, leaves, circles, geometric, scandinavian, christmas, blooms, easter, scandi, bouquets, red, winter, sky, flying, white, matryoshka, gold, peach, apparel, crystal, flock, vintage, mid century, sprigs, magenta, small, accessories, wine, eggs, summer, skies, glass, childrens, mothers, cut glass, small scale, folk, glasses, sun, party, coordinate, womens, kids, russian, dolls, summery, children, gypsophila, chevrons, spring, teal, celebration, hearts, xmas, bold, glassware, scattered, migrate, linear, sunshine, drinks, chartreuse, flourishes, russian dolls, leaf, pebbles, table linen, abstraction, watercolour, movement, folksy, fly, ikat, diamonds, bright, woven, dots, texture, lime, painted, brush strokes, polka dot, modernism, watercolor, clouds, wheels, baboushka, babushka, motherhood, brushstrokes, egg, stems, spots, turquoise, sweet william, grey, decanter, chicks, olive, faces, sunset, blender, modernist, gestural, gray, seasonal, textured, spirits, mom, interior, ditsy, brushwork, decorative, bauble, painting, cut, gerbera, tiny, basket, block printed, weaving, sponged, holiday, wicker, filler, baubles, chrysanthemums, murmurations, cute, striped, blue grey, suns, lilac, chickens, hot, decanters, snowflake, blossom, spokes, lines, stripes, menswear, modern, mid-century, stripe, mid century modern, mothers day, subtle, bird, spirals, starlings, lemon, splatters, hot pink, cream, fizz, nursery, migrating, swirls, Quilting, hand painted, ovals