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S Killinen

I'm a software tester, nerd, and costumer, taking the leap from creating costumes to clothes for everyday wear.


Redsixwing's News


ksteve commented on redsixwing's design:

Greenwing Cicada Damask
Greenwing Cicada Damask
Perfect - especially since this is the year they all hatch (in NJ they hatch this year)
Posted about 4 years ago.

rhondadesigns commented on redsixwing's design:

Autum Cicada Damsask
Autum Cicada Damsask
To use cicadas as damask motifs is an intriguing and innovative idea. The decorative design that you have created looks amazing!
Posted over 4 years ago.

joonmoon commented on redsixwing's design:

Original Pinstripe Cicada Border
Original Pinstripe Cicada Border
I love the pinstipe!!
Posted almost 5 years ago.