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Erin Hayward

Merritt Island Florida USA

I love creating science themed design & home decor!

Protonpaperie's News

idiorhythmic uploaded a project photo for protonpaperie's design:

Microbes - Lime & Teal
I used this pattern in the standard cotton to make a Miss Frizzle cosplay for a client. It turned out lovely!
Posted over 1 year ago.

threegirlpileup commented on protonpaperie's design:

Microbes - Lime & Teal
Microbes - Lime & Teal
Hi, it is possible to get a coordinating solid to go with this? Perhaps the darker blue or the teal that are in one of the large chromosomes? (Or I don't suppose you've considered making a coordinated striped fabric?) Love the design, will be using it either way to make a dance bag for my teen biology-geek ballerina.
Posted over 2 years ago.