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Pipit & Fox


Hi! I'm Bri - the creative maker behind Pipit & Fox. I love color, pattern and animals. For licensing inquiries contact me at Visit my Etsy shop for fine art prints of my illustrations and stop by my blog for funny mom stories!

Pipitandfox's News


heatherdutton commented on pipitandfox's design:

But First...Coffee 2019 Tea Towel
But First...Coffee 2019 Tea Towel
This is so fabulous Bri!!
Posted 9 months ago.

su_g commented on pipitandfox's design:

Tic Tac - T-O's
Tic Tac - T-O's
Excellent! I really like this - and I love the creative way you worked two opposite shapes into a response to this Challenge! Witty & wonderful!
Posted 11 months ago.