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Patty Sloniger
Houston TX

Hi there, I'm a package designer, illustrator, fabric junkie... and a licensed textile designer. Thanks for stopping by!


Pattysloniger's News


heatherdutton commented on pattysloniger's design:

Ikat Damask - Midnight Navy
Ikat Damask - Midnight Navy
Fabulous Patty!
Posted 3 days ago.

cathmar uploaded a fabric photo for pattysloniger's design:

Big Blooms - Lil' Version
Hi, hoping you can help with this question on the peel and stick wallpaper. Trying to decide between Big Blooms and Lil Blooms but when looking at scale images they are both the same. Isn't Lil Blooms supposed to be smaller?
Posted 5 months ago.

aduchat commented on pattysloniger's design:

Ikat Damask - Golden Rod
Ikat Damask - Golden Rod
What category from that print should I choose from in order to uphoster a chair ?
Posted 6 months ago.