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monica meehan

santa fe nm usa

20-plus years working as a graphic designer, pattern hobbyist, occasional comic book artist, addicted to those nooshi snacks

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nature, hand drawn, pattern, mid century modern mod, abstract, geometric, large scale, botanical, botanic, swirl,

scandinavian, large scale repeats, swirly, repeating, swedish, danish, sfaut15, vines, plant, leaves, tablecloth, napkins, blue, green, op art, chevron, towel dish tea holiday, curved, zigzag, stripes, japan, japanese, kimono, origami, aqua, white, gold, spiral, ferns, ocean, black, large-scale, teal, red, danish swedish, black and white, katagami, stencil, hand drawn scandinavian, leaf, kelp, small scale, seaweed, Upholstery, curtains, olive, rounded, turquoise, square, tropical, square spiral, mexico, tiki, tan, puerto rico, mod, miami, tribal, khaki, yellow, beach, beachy, lime, grey, botanical nature branch, summer, holiday, gray, summery, arty the smarty, blue green, plant leaves fern, taupe, mid-century, linen, abstract geometric, calendar 2011 2014, charcoal, rula, warm grey, warm gray, cyan, cream, fish, branches, fishes, animals, asanoha, fishies, whimsical, birds, fishy, child, graphic simple, kids, orange, children, pink, dr seuss, green blue, bubbly, Canvas, water, seafoam, calendar 2012 2014, dots blobs stripes, border, mint, tea towel dish towel, pool, tea towel, maroon, spoonflower contest, wood grain, zebra stripes, brown, mouth of wonder, brick, calendar 2019, cinnamon, burgundy, amoebae amoeba, dark red, fauxbois faux bois, abstract squiggle loopy, peach, hot pink, purple, nature geometric, contest, cell dna mitochondria, indigo, black white red gold, blueberry, groovy bubbles retro, border print
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