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Shannon Benavidez
Ridgefield Washington USA

MayaBella is the work of Shannon Benavidez. I am a stay at home mom of 4. I love all things crafty and creative. If there are any designs that you need adjusted or have any questions please send me a message!


Mayabella's News


bronco commented on mayabella's design:

Lined Paper- White College Rule
Lined Paper- White College Rule
I love this design, I would love to get it printed on upholstery fabric and use it to cover a chair I have. Do the lines go across the whole width of the fabric? I need it to be 60cm across as I would like it to be like one continuous page (70 cm length). I hope this makes sense!
Posted about 1 month ago.

tallulahdahling commented on mayabella's design:

Animal Alphabet Show- Large
Animal Alphabet Show- Large
How delightful!
Posted about 1 year ago.