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New! Custom-printed table linens

Megan Smetzer

I'm a mom and seamstress from Northern California. I run a social networking site for other sewing mamas, at I also have a podcast, Material Mama is available every few weeks. Fashion and craft sewing for yourself and your family

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materialmama commented on materialmama's design:

Vintage COSMETIC Cosmetic Midcentury Ads
Vintage COSMETIC Cosmetic Midcentury Ads
Wow thanks for all the orders! I'm updating as soon as I can get a bit of free time around here ;) Nutmeg
Posted about 5 years ago.

peagreengirl commented on materialmama's design:

Sewing Mama VINTAGE Fabric
Sewing Mama VINTAGE Fabric
These fabrics are Great
Posted over 8 years ago.