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Manuela Jarry

Montreal Quebec Canada

Hi I'm Manuela, from Canada. I am a creative product developer with a love of design, prints and patterns, and beautiful objects. Have fun browsing my shop and creating with my designs! Why not send me pics when you're done? cheers,

Shop Tags

drawing, retro, freehand, graphic, line drawing, coordinate, black and white, silhouette, floral, linen,

body positivity, birds, flock, graffiti, girl power, argyle, abstract, flight, foliage, kitchen, feminism, utensils, sfaut15, curvy, cutlery, geometric, eighties, triangles, stripe, kinky, peach, hand drawn, sexy, vintage, sky, sisal, tonal, renaissance, pink, solid, math, masculine, leaves, purple, hairs, modern toile, quirky, bold, coral, green, aqua, blue, bubble, fun, 80s, bird, women, toile, tribal, scribbles, black, nerd, boys, prophecy, budgie, diamonds, children, symbolism, nature, orange, shapes, aviary, african, figures, toile de jouy, lines, naughty, back to school, geek, doodle, ink, dejeuner sur l herbe, numbers, mystery, cartoon, feathers, clairvoyant, iridescent, comic book, contemporary, navajo, terra cotta, palm, mint, hands, rose, tropical, rainforest, psychic, pop, woman, classical, garden, monters, back, and, forks and spoons, allover, geometry, paint splatter, flowers, kids, bohemian, urban, ladies, paper folding, triangle, chartreuse, weird, edgy, fabric8, witchery, turquoise, watercolor, feminine, free, taupe, restoration hardware, trellis, zigzag, rust, boudoir, mushroom, may queen, folk art, vines, beach, animals, mathematics, festival, hand painted, multi-directional, continuous line contour, henna, white, loose, summer, diamond, line contour, angles, linecontourdc, neutral, modern, urban contemporary, line art, painted, neon, cheeky, drawn, haring, midsummer, charcoal, silverware, handwriting, keith, lush

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