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Jean Fogelberg
Maine USA

My fabric designs are created by weaving my paintings and photography on my iMac. Fabric has always been a passion of mine; to be able to design my own fabrics is just AMAZING. All designs are Copyright ©Jean Fogelberg.


Jeanfogelberg's News


jeanfogelberg commented on jeanfogelberg's design:

"Cathedrals", printed on silk fabric.
Posted 11 months ago.

jeanfogelberg uploaded a fabric photo for jeanfogelberg's design:

Lost in Paradise Blue
Blue Purple with "Lost in Paradise".
Posted about 1 year ago.

dragons-breath commented on jeanfogelberg's design:

"Egyptian Hieroglyphs"
"Egyptian Hieroglyphs"
Got my order have decided to order more in order to complete the project
Posted about 1 year ago.

jeanfogelberg uploaded a project photo for jeanfogelberg's design:

"Monet Pond"
A summer dress made with "Monet's Pond" fabric, inspired by Monet's "The Japanese Bridge".
Posted over 1 year ago.