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Janshackelford's News


janshackelford commented on janshackelford's design:

Posted 9 months ago.

jenravs commented on janshackelford's design:

Fender Paisley Telecaster 1968
Fender Paisley Telecaster 1968
I absolutely LOVE this Fender Telecaster print. I recently bought two wooden barstools and would love to make cushions tops out of these for my boyfriend and his friends to sit on while they practice their songs. Please let me know when this fabric comes available to purchase. I would love 2 yards of it. Thanks, jeni
Posted 12 months ago.

janshackelford uploaded a project photo for janshackelford's design:

Nursery Rhyme Time
Fabric designed by Jan Shackeflord fro antique out of print Nursery Rhyme illustrations
Posted about 3 years ago.

kociara commented on janshackelford's design:

Jan Shackelford  STORKIE Babies
Jan Shackelford STORKIE Babies
interesting work, i like it!
Posted almost 5 years ago.