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Ilikemeat's News


shorthorn commented on ilikemeat's design:

Meat Indeed on White - Even Smaller
Meat Indeed on White - Even Smaller
I emailed about this order on Saturday, March 12th. Joe from customer service left me an email saying that they had no order with the email that I provided. I ordered this fabric on March 2nd. I don't know what happen. So now I am in a bind because I have to have this quilt completed by Monday March 28th so I can get it quilted. I already waited 10 days for the material to arrive but when I didn't get it I started to worry. Now I have to pay $25 to rush the order that I already ordered. I truly know that I ordered the fabric and I shouldn't have to pay the additional money to reorder again. This is the first time I ordered from your company and probably the last time I will order from this company. This has been a very difficult experience.
Posted over 1 year ago.

wolfishie uploaded a project photo for ilikemeat's design:

Meat Indeed on White - Even Smaller
Thank you for resizing this deign for me, I love how it turned out! Available for purchase at
Posted almost 3 years ago.