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Heather Wasaff

The Woodlands Texas USA

I am an artist with 30+ years of artwork that has been stuffed into my studio and few people have seen! I would love to have people use my images in their homes, on their backs, at mealtime, anytime! Follow me on Instagram! @hfwsurfacedesigns

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abstract, wild birds, solid, pencil drawing, Quilting, urban, architecture, sfaut15, mystery, bird watchers,

buenos aires, black, lakeside, face to face, yellow, contemporary, jesus, woven, home decor, grey, blue, tiny pattern, geometric, black and white, blue sky, virgin mary, white, windows, geese, pink, red, sinister, the woodlands, masculine, halloween, green grass, spain, catholic church, chicago, tribal, drawing, dome, balconies, catholic cathedral, funky, backyard, stripes, green, haunted, masculine home decor, urban birds, celestial, silver water, purple, liturgical, yellow ochre, liturgical use, argentina, apple green, sunshine, weaving, blue heron, graceful neck, geometric design, moss green, swamp, masculine design, green diamonds, baby geese, orange, pine tree branch, autumn, yellow beak, sfaut1915off, landscape, cleopatra eyes, dark color, pine needles, art deco, gothic, aqua, modern patchwork, private garden, urban sketch, fuchsia, green pond, portugal, apartment house, monastery, black calligraphy strok, fabric folds, great white egret, turquoise and red, lourdes, door, rosary, brick red, tan, liturgy, yellow stripes, mom and dad, dinner time, white egret, citron yellow, swimming, cobalt blue, turquoise diamonds, green stripes, floral, dark blue, blue skies, abstract plaid, peach, autumn grass, wild color, salmon, large scale, whistling ducks, autumn day, canada geese, lincoln park, geometric pattern, sewing, husband and wife, yellow ochre and purple, olive green, menswear, red lines
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