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Laura Sharpe

Asheville North Carolina

Laura Sharpe is the creative energy behind Gigi & Mae Studios. She has an eye for eclectic design which influences her work into a wide-ranging mix of modern to traditional, whimsy to realism, geometric to organic.

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kitchen and dining, geometric, holiday, children, distressed, bedding, bohemian, Organic, christmas, floral,

red, tile, traditional, pink, navy, ikat, blue and white, gray, modern farmhouse, plaid, black, sheets, needlepoint, blue, black and white, limited color, herringbone, transitional, hand drawn, monochromatic, baby nursery, tartan, monochrome, dashes, worldly, Quilting, winter, block print, green, tartan plaid, cabin in the woods, medallion, home decor, snowflake, flour sack, grain sack, novelty, hexagon, woodgrain, nautical, texture, diamond shaped, optical illusion, hexagons, houndstooth check, thanksgiving, cabin, small-scale pattern, fig, embroidery, sfaut15, retro chic, woodland, stylized floral, daisy chain, floral stripe, houndstooth, check, nature botanical, kids, persian, flora, french country, tulip, clouds, mountains, dining, autumn, sfaut1915off, chevron stripe, cozy, wood panel, hardwood, chevron, watercolor, botanical block print, parquet, paisley, hand-drawn fruit, purple, violet, necktie, skiing, hand-drawn, circles, traditional plaid, zig zag, scottish kilt, small scale pattern, chanukah, red and white, pajamas, black stripe, yellow, milk glass green, gift, strawberry, wrapping paper, evergreen, hygge, kelp, gift wrap, sea bed, cool colors, wood, blue and white flower, cyanotype, grey, moroccan tile, forest, red white and blue, arabesque, terracotta, dark, flame, menswear, blue stripe, figs, Pillows, beige, mattress ticking, chic brownstone, botanical, tweed, seaside
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