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Kreativkollektiv Friedlos & Streitsüchtig

TG Switzerland

Art is a constant quest for new directions. I like to connect with other designers, so feel free to add me on social media.

Shop Tags

nature, blue, cute, abstract, autumn, floral, yellow, minimalism, beauty, flower,

leaves, simple, white, kids, sun, bird, green, bright, cuteness, jumbo, flora, branch, happy, summer, non-directional, forest, pink, background, swim, kawaii, color transitions, pattern, tie-dye, botany, dyeing, plant, color, kreativkollektiv, tender, shibori, gradients, digital, depth, beautiful, hues, smile, color gradient, closeup, feathers, minimalist, illustration, decoration, art, colorful, design, water, rose, face, emotions, shape, expressions, leaf, wild, tree, motion, rosehip, feather, text, plants, life, ditsy, small-scale, large scale, swimsuit, summer tote, foliage, environment, beach, petrol, pastels, mushroom, contemporary, animal, eyes, pollinator, watermelon, folklore, black, buds, form, isolated, movement, natural, pillow, female, non directional, maximalism, geometric, acorn, abstract minimalism, parrot, swirls, twig, pastel, turquoise, flowing, coral, modern, bee, living, bumblebee, bluish green, tropical, botanical, seaweed, work-out, romantic, honey, gold, yoga, dandelion, hippie, under water, gym exercises, ornament, diversity, black and white, fly, Stretch, digital painting, fish, ornate, gym, blanket, pollinators, boho, free, ink, pilates, yellow melon, clean, orange, sail, super-chill, flat design, painted, mushrooms, sunrise, decorative, vintage, typography, girl, cloud, rain, exotic, indian, muscles, swiss, outdoor, curved, curtain, fall, ocean, traditional, oval, backdrop, stylized, nursery, seeds, roses, hummingbird, robinia, concept, berries, aqua, marine, fitness, berries isolated, sea, active, grey