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Forgotten_fortune's News


pinksodapop commented on forgotten_fortune's design:

Scalloped Stripes
Scalloped Stripes
Soft and pretty. ^_^ <3
Posted about 2 years ago.

mommamouse commented on forgotten_fortune's design:

Boston Terrier Bonanza
Boston Terrier Bonanza
You need faster shipping!
Posted about 3 years ago.

cjldesigns commented on forgotten_fortune's design:

Which Exit
Which Exit
Great design! Love the colour palette!
Posted almost 4 years ago.

kociara commented on forgotten_fortune's design:

Hello Zombie
Hello Zombie
great! i love the reworking of the prevalent hello kitty theme! Surely this one will be a favourite with little girls!
Posted over 4 years ago.

vickiek uploaded a project photo for forgotten_fortune's design:

Geeky Owls
Love this fabric!
Posted over 5 years ago.

rhondadesigns commented on forgotten_fortune's design:

Guilty Bun-Bun
Guilty Bun-Bun
The nibble and munch bites from the carrots adds a bit of subtle humour to this cute design.
Posted over 5 years ago.

forgotten_fortune commented on forgotten_fortune's design:

Sew Easy Panda Plushie
Sew Easy Panda Plushie
Thanks! I agree it would be great for novices to give a try. :)
Posted over 5 years ago.