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20% Off Petal Fabric

Andrea Eden

Oklahoma United States

Thank you for visiting my shop! Click on a design you like to see it on ready made items and as a fabric. Then be sure to click on the "Also available in" options in the lower right. For collections, click on "Designed Collections" below.

Shop Tags

brown, farmhouse, hand drawn, yellow, botanical, traditional, green, flannel, artistic, orange,

blue, wallpaper, country, butterfly, red, plaid, picnic, gingham, rustic, tablecloth, floral, watercolor, southwest, shabby chic, modern, purple, coneflower, hand-drawn, weave, nature, flower, checkered, autumn, face mask, christmas, pillow, animals, monarch, lizard, sunflowers, burlap, fall, napkins, colorful, kitchen, sunflower, christian, pray, oil paint, kids, quilt, placemat, cut out, summer, neutral, small scale, black-eyed susan, pink, insects, tie dye, checked, scarf, earth tones, east fork, blanket, eastforkdc, texture, lizards, lattice, splatter paint, flowers, natural, girl, dress, pajama, cowboy, religious, reptilia, brightlycoloredreptilesdc, scales, solid, reptilian, children, branches, andreaeden, 70s, tan, gold, camping, bedding, meadow, fauxtexturedc, retro, bedroom, spring, faux texture, 1970, splatter, 1970dc, western, wildflowers, grey, easter, daisy, straw, cream, sundress, rust, peach, papercutdc, rudbeckia, papercut, home decor, paper cut, boys, sheets, jewel tone, dragonflies, simple, marble, tiles, dragonfly, sfbreakroomdc, reptile, nursery, plum, break room, square, line art, mirror image, white, blossom, safaridc, bird, fall colors, field, Baby, rococo, place mat, table runner, childrens, garden, tea towel, off white, crepe myrtle, italian, boy, rugged, 3d, tomato, echinacea, quirky, safari, grass, tree skirt, peaceful, triangle, turquoise, oklahoma, wing, sun dress, circus
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