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sharon abbott
Texas USA

Hello, I am a retired mom/grandmother. I love to sew and am currently involved with youngest daughter's roller derby obsession. I quilt and sew items to sell via ETSY. Please visit Derby Swag either on ETSY or Facebook to see some of my merchandise.


Derbymom716's News


derbymom716 commented on derbymom716's design:

MVP doll for bouts
MVP doll for bouts
I am going to list these in my Etsy shop, Derby Swag. So anyone who does not want to make their own but would like to have some, send me a message. They will be listed at about $10 which will include shipping.
Posted almost 4 years ago.

derbymom716 uploaded a project photo for derbymom716's design:

4x3 vet log
This is a reversible welders cap, that I made for my local Vet. She sponsors a 5K run team each year at the annual Village Creek Festival.The brim and back/sides of the cap are made from fabric of another designer here; the front panel is the Vet's logo for her clinic.
Posted over 4 years ago.