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Delireus's News


mellington commented on delireus's design:

Arwen's Banner Sides
Arwen's Banner Sides
Hi, don't mean to sound stupid but just to clarify, this is to order a fully made up banner, not a kit or pattern? I've been looking everywhere for an elven banner like arwen's and came across this site. If I order the middle panel and then side panels, it will make one complete banner with only the hanging loops to be sewed on?
Posted 3 days ago.

delireus commented on delireus's design:

Arwen's Banner Middle
Arwen's Banner Middle
Click here to purchase the Side Banner piece -
Posted 9 months ago.

delireus uploaded a project photo for delireus's design:

Lord of the Rings Alphabet Blanket
Please see this link for a finished quilt using this fabric -
Posted 9 months ago.