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Elinor Parker
Merriam KS USA

I'm a coffee powered robot that specializes in geektastic designs, handmade accessories, and other cool stuff to help you get creative.


Costumewrangler's News


murena commented on costumewrangler's design:

Victorian Travel Grey
Victorian Travel Grey
Posted 10 months ago.

renzilla uploaded a project photo for costumewrangler's design:

Superhero Love
Hi. Can you make this in a smaller design? I mean so that there's more circles. For example, in the test swatch view theres only 4 cirlces, can you adjust the pattern so there's more?
Posted 10 months ago.

phornapa commented on costumewrangler's design:

Awesome Mix Large Scale
Awesome Mix Large Scale
How big is the tape! Can you make them in dark brown color back ground? Thank you.
Posted over 1 year ago.