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Cola Johnson
Portland Oregon

I'm a freelance illustrator and generally crafty person. I'm always happy to meet new people and answer any questions you might have.


Cola82's News


jakethewalrus uploaded a project photo for cola82's design:

Branches variation 3
I made a beautiful dress with this - I really want to show you, but this stupid site won't let me share the image. You should be able to see it in my Flickr though:
Posted 5 months ago.

cascoma commented on cola82's design:

Police Telephone
Police Telephone
How much fabric do I need to order to get a full panel of this sign?
Posted about 1 year ago.

su_g commented on cola82's design:

An Egg in Every Basket
An Egg in Every Basket
This is a very sweet design - and I love the title and the concept!
Posted over 1 year ago.

rebaj commented on cola82's design:

Public Call Box
Public Call Box
First order of what I hope to be of many. Have a great week!
Posted over 1 year ago.