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Chelsea Groves
San Francisco CA USA

My name is Chelsea and I make collages and linocuts featuring birds, a subject that has enthralled me since childhood. My goal with my work is to make something beautiful, but also something that is endearing.


Birdnerd's News


su_g commented on birdnerd's design:

Art Deco Modern
Art Deco Modern
This is great! I like the apparent simplicity, clean lines & mellow yellow.
Posted over 5 years ago.

mayajane commented on birdnerd's design:

Green Peacock
Green Peacock
Posted over 6 years ago.

nicolefiori commented on birdnerd's design:

Red-Winged Blackbird
Red-Winged Blackbird
this is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I love the fact that you thought about what they would look like as a whole, as well as each single one.
Posted over 6 years ago.

somafree commented on birdnerd's design:

Green Peacock
Green Peacock
Posted over 7 years ago.