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Beth Snow

My name is Beth Snow and I live in England. I like to create unusual Artwork and Patterns. I strive to incorporate aspects of nature in to all of my work. I love to see what others create with my designs so let me know or post a photo of your creation :)


Beth_snow's News


paisleyspuppets uploaded a project photo for beth_snow's design:

Psychedelic Boognish
I love love love this design! I've gotten it in basic cotton for a dress and also the minky fabric for pillows (which is lovely fabric and so luxurious!). I'm hoping for more designs with the Boognish! So much fun! Hail the almighty Boognish!
Posted 13 days ago.

hopwhore commented on beth_snow's design:

Psychedelic Boognish
Psychedelic Boognish
Thank you! I love This fabric and Ween!
Posted 9 months ago.