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Amy Watson
Wilson North Carolina

I'm a stay-at-home-mom/graphic designer/crafter. I love making things either on the computer or at the craft table, which is why I love this site... I get to do both!


Amywtsn's News


thekeikidept commented on amywtsn's design:

More Hello Sharks
More Hello Sharks
Can you make this but with the sharks smaller? Would love to put these on shorts for my son
Posted 5 months ago.

bippidiiboppidii commented on amywtsn's design:

Gnome Knockdown
Gnome Knockdown
This is deeply hilarious. My partner actually organised a game of gnome bowling using garden gnomes for one of his birthday parties once (21st maybe?) - I think he'd be really tickled by this fun idea!
Posted over 4 years ago.